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I run my fingers across the crevices of cold castle walls hundreds of years old, dreaming of who came before me. I taste a sweet, juicy red summer tomato, and am instantly transported to the garden I grew up in-bare feet sinking in the cool soil.


I hear a stirring melody whose sweet familiarity has me singing before I can even remember when I learned the words. I smell a sprig of rosemary while cooking and am quickly thrust back to the day I married my best friend surrounded by bushes of this woody herb.

I make pictures to capture a moment, a feeling-to help tell part of the story; so that when I see these images I'm reminded of that very instant. Then, everything I cherish about that moment floods through my mind like a rushing river-swift and refreshing. A soft smile creeps across my face. Sometimes laughter. Or from that great river a small tear.

It has always been about the story. In college, I studied photography, journalism, film and English. And here's the thing. Everyone has a story worth telling.

It would be an honor to help tell yours.